Welcome to the Camden County MUA

The County Regional Wastewater Treatment System treats the sewage discharged every day from properties in Camden County. The Camden County MUA treats 58 million gallons (220 million liters) of sewage per day at our plant, the Delaware No. 1 Water Pollution Control Facility. This flow travels through  135 miles (215 kilometers) of pipe assisted by 27 pump stations. The CCMUA was required to construct these facilities by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to bring Camden County into compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act.

Camden County is located in the southwestern portion of New Jersey, across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. Burlington, Atlantic, and Gloucester Counties border Camden County on the north, east, and south. The County is 226 square miles in area, with a population of about 500,000. There are thirty-seven municipalities in Camden County.

The northwestern part of Camden County (including 32 municipalities) is part of the Delaware Basin, where water flows into the Delaware River by way of the Big Timber Creek, the Cooper River, Newton Creek, and the Pennsauken Creek. This part of the County is densely populated and urban and/or industrial. Camden City, the county seat, is located at the northwestern tip of the County.

The southwestern area, containing five municipalities, is included in the Atlantic Basin, draining into the Atlantic Ocean by the Mullica River and the Great Egg Harbor River. This section is much more rural than the Delaware Basin. A large fraction of the Atlantic Basin section is within the Pinelands Preserve. The Pinelands Preserve is a million-acre forested expanse of New Jersey where development is highly restricted to preserve environmentally sensitive areas.

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