Bill Pay Directions


Just 5 easy steps to pay your bill on line.

Step #1 – Access Our Bill Pay Website
When you access the site, you will be greeted by the Welcome Screen. Simply enter your CCMUA nine digit account number and your ZIP code to proceed. You can find both the account number and ZIP code on your billing statement.

Step #2 – Confirm Your Information
After hitting submit, the system will present you with the Account Information Confirmation Screen, showing you the name on your account and the current amount due. To continue, simply select a form of payment you wish to use (check or ATM/Debit Card). Use only ATM cards which do not require a pin.”

Step #3 – Payment Information.
After you have selected your payment method, you are presented with the Payment Information Screen. It will vary in how it looks depending on the payment method you select. Simply follow the on screen instructions to enter the information from your check or your ATM/debit card and then select continue.

Step #4 – Confirm Your Payment
After Continuing, you will be shown a Confirmation Screen. If all of the information you entered is correct for your payment, press “Confirm” or press “Modify” to make any changes.

Step #5 – Thank You!
A final Payment Confirmation Screen is present once you submit your payment. You can print this screen or enter your e-mail address and a confirmation will be sent within 24 hours.