Mission Statement


The Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority is committed to protecting water quality, odor minimization, cost efficiency, minimizing carbon footprint, and community service.

(adopted April 27, 2016)

Environmental Policy

The following “Environmental Policy” applies to all operations at the CCMUA Delaware 1 Water Pollution Control Facility. All activities, products, and services that CCMUA controls, or is expected to control, are required to be consistent with this Policy.

Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority is committed to being a responsible steward of our natural resources and continually improving the sustainability of our operations. We will do this by:

  1. Optimizing water quality performance in order to protect the rivers, streams, and lakes of Camden County.
  2. Optimizing odor control performance in order to minimize adverse impact to our neighboring community.
  3. Maximizing cost efficiencies for the benefits of our ratepayers, without sacrificing environmental performance
  4. Reducing our carbon footprint, and our corresponding vulnerability, to climate change by increasing resiliency.
  5. Community Service.

 (adopted April 27, 2016)