RFP 2015-9





RFP# 2017-9





Please be advised of the following Addendum items relating to RFP#2017-9 (Value Engineering Services for the Newton Creek project):



  • Original RFP (#2015-9) used to procure FX Browne for the Newton Creek dredging design (including Addendum #1 and Clarification #1)
  • Addendum 1 of #2015-9, item #2 Prior Study/Informationis available for viewing only at the Authority.


3          Status report from FX Browne dated 7/6/17



Andrew Kricun, P.E., BCEE
Executive Director/Chief Engineer

Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority








ADDENDUM #1 (revised 11/16/15)

RFP 2015-9 

Request for Proposals for Professional Services Needed for Design of Improvements to the Newton Lake in the Newton Lake County Park, in Collingswood, Oaklyn and Haddon Twp. for the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority 

Please be advised of the following Addendum items relative to the above RFP:

The goal of this Project is to restore the Newton Lake to a healthy and maintainable condition;  It is suggested that this will include dredging, elimination of existing spatterdocks, and restoration of the lake area be done in a way to cause minimal impact to the environment and at the minimal cost able to accomplish the goal.

  1. RFP Due Date extended to 12/3/2015: Proposal due date will be extended FROM 11/24/2015 to 12/3/2015 at 4:00 PM.   Proposals must be submitted to CCMUA’s Engineering Department at 1645 Ferry Avenue, Camden, NJ  08104 no later than 4:00PM on 12/3/2015.
  2. Prior Study/Information:  The DRAFT Newton Lake Management Plan:  Study by Kupper dated 9/2015 is available at the CCMUA’s offices for inspection.  Please contact Andrew Kricun to make arrangements.
  3. Clarification of Section A – Scope of Services/Limits of the Project area:

The Project area at this time is defined as the Newton Lake from the White Horse Pike (Route 30) to W. Cuthbert Boulevard located in Haddon Township.  See attached.

This includes the following sections of the Lake:  White Horse Pike (State Highway Route 30) to East Bettlewood Avenue; and East Bettlewood Avenue to W. Cuthbert Blvd.

The proposal shall include a proposed depth of dredging required to address the goal of restoring the lake to a healthy and maintainable condition.

  1. Use of existing Dam located at Black Horse Pike/Route 168 and Newton Lake to lower the lake: The Dam at State Highway Route 168 is owned by the State Department of Transportation.  The County does not have any information about the dam;  therefore, cannot provide any information as to whether the dam can be used to lower the lake and/or the operation or condition of the Dam. 
  2. Clarification of Section E – FEES:

This section should read:  The Proposal should be submitted with the pricing portion separated in a sealed envelope.  Fees for this project shall be on a cost plus fixed fee basis, with the overhead not to exceed 140% and the fixed fee not to exceed 10%, for the scope of work as noted above AND as the design engineering firm articulates as the methods needed to provide plans and specifications to dredge the lake and permits necessary to restore the lake to a healthy condition, with minimal environmental disruption and cost.

NOTE:  the CCMUA reserves the right to negotiate with any or all vendors meeting the evaluation criteria set forth herein.  Negotiations will be conducted in accordance with the CCMUA’s Request for Proposals policy.

Andrew Kricun, P.E., BCEE

Executive Director/Chief Engineer

Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority

Notice is hereby given that the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority of Camden, New Jersey is requesting proposals for Professional Engineering Services needed to implement improvements to Camden County’s Newton Lake, Newton Lake Park and watershed area, located in Collingswood, Oaklyn and Haddon Township. Copies of the Request of Proposal are available in the CCMUA Engineering Dept, 1645 Ferry Avenue, Camden, N.J. Phone Jim Costello, jim@ccmua.org or 856-583-1232 during regular business hours or vendors can register to download all documents from the Camden County website: http://www.camdencounty.com/government/offices-departments/division-purchasing

Proposals must be submitted to the CCMUA’s Engineering Department, 1645 Ferry Avenue, Camden, N.J. 08104. Proposals are scheduled to be opened on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 4:00 PM.  Any proposals received after said opening, whether by mail or otherwise will be returned unopened. No proposals will be accepted after the above referenced date.   Proposals must be submitted in sealed envelopes with the name of the RFP clearly marked on the outside of the envelope. Proposals may not be e-mailed, faxed or transmitted over the telephone.

A pre-proposal meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 10:30 am at the CCMUA Administration Building, 1645 Ferry Avenue, Camden, NJ 08104.

It is recommended that each proposal be hand delivered to the Engineering Department. The CCMUA assumes no responsibility for delays in any form of carrier, mail or delivery service causing the proposal to be received at the Engineering Dept later than the above-referenced scheduled opening.

Nothing herein is intended to exclude any responsible firm or in any way restrain or restrict competition. All responsible firms are encouraged to submit proposals.

The CCMUA Board of Commissioners reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted in the best interest of the CCMUA and the Board further reserves the right to waive any defect or informality in any proposal should it be in the best interest of the CCMUA.

Proposers are required to comply with the requirements of P.L. 1975, c. 127 (N.J.A.C. 17:27) and N.J.S.A. 10:5-31.

This Request For Proposals does not constitute a bid and is intended solely to obtain competitive proposals from which the CCMUA may choose contractor(s) that best meet(s) its needs. It is the intent of the CCMUA that no statutory, regulatory, or common law bidding requirement apply to this Request For Proposals. The CCMUA intends to award any contract(s) for these services pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:11-5(1)(a)(i).