I also receive a bill from my Local Municipality for sewer service. Why do I have two bills?

The CCMUA is responsible for transporting your wastewater via pipeline (regional interceptor) from one location within your community to a modern wastewater treatment facility on the Delaware River. At this facility wastewater from all over Camden County receives the best treatment that modern technology can provide.

Your municipality is responsible for the collection system within your town, which includes the pipes in the street in front of your house and various pump stations. This local collection system directs and conveys your town’s wastewater to our regional interceptor. Many towns have reduced their local rates substantially once they were no longer responsible for operating a treatment plant.

The charges from your local municipality are for collecting wastewater from your home or business and delivering it to the CCMUA interceptor, and the charge from the CCMUA is for transporting wastewater to our treatment plant in the City of Camden and for treating it.