Call to arrange an environmentally oriented stream walk for your class or science club. And a tour of our treatment plant can be an unforgettable educational experience! If you are interested in learning about the Authority and its mission in Camden County, please phone Linda Doherty at (856) 583-2306, or e-mail us your name, organization, address, and telephone number and someone will contact you shortly.

Informational Materials

Wastewater Treatment at the Plant
  • The Treatment Process (a short dissertation of how a wastewater treatment plant operates)
  • Process Diagram
  • Aerial View of Main Plant
What Can Go Down the Drain
  • Don’t flush non-flushable material
    • What is Flushable? (CCMUA flyer)
    • Toilets Are Not Trash Cans (from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, NACWA)
    • Know what to flush (from the Orange County [CA] Sanitation District)
    • “Why Flushable Wipes Aren’t Flushable” (video from truTV’s”Adam Ruins Everything”)
    • Don’t Flush the Baby (Wipes)(written and sung by Steve Anderson, a water resources analyst with Clean Water Services (Hillsboro, Ore.))
    • Don’t Flush That(to the tune of “Pink Cadillac”) (Public Service Announcement created for Keene, NH by Keene High School students)
    • “Can’t Flush This!” (rap video from United Utilities, Warrington, England; link provided by Water Environment Federation)
Wastewater Industry Best Practices
  • Water Resources Utility of the Future: A Call for Federal Action (National Association of Clean Water Agencies brochure)
  • Promoting Environmental and Community Service Leadership as an Essential Best Practice for the Clean Water Utility of the Future (November 11, 2015 slide presentation; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Strengthening Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Value of Water Coalition
  • Lead in Drinking Water
  • Using New Jersey’s State Revolving Fund to Reduce Combined Sewage Flooding in Camden City (February 10, 2016 webinar conducted by the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) on the three of the ten most innovative uses of the State Revolving Fund in the country)
    • Slide presentation (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    • Full recorded broadcast of session (CCMUA Executive Director Andy Kricun’s segment appears from minute mark 32:57 to 58:58)
    • A full report on the successes of the State Revolving Funds (including CCMUA’s on pp. 15-16) appears in ECOS Green Report: Innovations in the Clean Water SRF Program (May 31, 2016)
Other Information (Informational inserts occasionally distributed with quarterly bills)
  • What is Flushable? (3rd quarter 2016)
  • The Circuit Trails Network (2nd quarter 2016)
  • Camden County Conserves (1st quarter 2016)
  • Wonders of Watersheds (2nd quarter 2015)
  • Stormwater Runoff and the Health of Our Waterways (1st quarter 2014)
  • How to Prevent Stormwater Pollution (2nd quarter 2013)
  • Solar Energy at the CCMUA; Camden Receives Sustainable Jersey Certification; Use Less Water(1st quarter 2013)
  • 7 Smart Steps (to reduce neighborhood flooding and improve stormwater management) (4th quarter 2011)
  • Online Bill Pay or Pay by Phone (1st quarter 2007)