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1/18/2023: Grant to enhance Camden’s tree canopy for climate and community received by Trust for Public Land

1/13/2023: Dredging at Newton Creek ends after years of planning, work (Courier Post)

1/13/2023: After two years and $23M, Camden County’s most costly environmental project comes to a close (Philadelphia Inquirer)

1/5/2023: Historic Water Quality Project at Newton Lake Nears Completion


10/22/2022: Household Hazardous Waste Event to be held on Saturday, October 22–Lindenwold, Camden County Public Works Complex, 2311 Egg Harbor Road; 8:30 am-3 pm (rain or shine)

9/9/2022: 50th Anniversary of Clean Water Act and Highlight Water Investments Celebrated in South Jersey

9/9/2022: Call for volunteers for Cleanup at Gateway Park 9/24/2022

9/9/2022: EPA Highlights Successes in Camden, N.J. Communities in Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act

7/19/2022: Urban Waters: Discovering the Hidden Beauty of a Jersey River

6/28/2022: ‘Every time it rains’: Floods from climate change plague a Camden neighborhood

6/28/2022: Expedition on Cooper River Launches

6/1/2022: Camden Mastery School Gets ‘Green’ Playground


9/29/2021: NJ Tree Foundation tree planting at Gateway Park helps address flooding

9/24/2021: Updated CCMUA Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

7/21/2021: New Technology Being Used to Reduce Unwanted Odors at Sewage Plant

7/20/2021: CCMUA platform to reduce odor nuisances, improve quality of life

7/2/2021: Public update meeting on Newton Creek water quality improvements project to be held on July 15 at 7:00 pm

7/2/2021: Dredging Resumes as Part of Newton Creek Improvements

5/19/2021: CCMUA Administration Building (1645 Ferry Ave., Camden) reopens to the public as restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic are lifted

3/2/2021: Our Authority is scheduled to have an audit by DEKRA Certifications of the Environmental Management System on March 29th to March 31st, 2021. The purpose of the audit is to verify that Biosolids Management Practices in place . . (click for more)

2/19/2021: Newton Creek Project Public Meeting Scheduled for March 3

1/13/2021: Newton Creek Dredge Update: Progress and Process Entering 2021


12/10/2020: Camden Releases Parks and Open Space Plan

11/15/2020: Watershed fellows create video series to promote Cramer Hill Nature Preserve

9/1/2020: County Project Would Upgrade Water In Newton Creek: Officials

8/31/2020: Board and CCMUA Prepare for Newton Creek Project

8/17/2020: Bolstering the Water Workforce with Innovative Programs (Case Study of PowerCorps Camden)

6/22/2020: Bolstering the Water Workforce with Innovative Programs (New Jersey Future Blog)

6/9/2020: NOAA-sponsored marine debris removal project completed by CCMUA

6/2/2020: How Camden’s Water Treatment Companies Faced the Pandemic

4/29/2020: Officials Asking Residents Not Flush Disposable Wipes After Increase In Debris Clogging Sewer Pipes In Camden County

4/29/2020: Flushing of coronavirus wipes, gloves and masks clogs sewer treatment plants

4/3/2020: Camden County Historical Society rain garden to reduce stormwater entering sewer system

4/2/2020: Flushing disposable wipes, paper towels puts sewer system at risk

3/11/2020: Camden PowerCorps noted as an innovative example of water utility workforce development

3/10/2020: DEKRA Certifications will audit our Environmental Mgt. System 3/11-3/12 to verify BMPs in place continue to conform with requirements and expectations of NBP BMP Elements and CCMUA Biosolids EMS. Observe 8:30am-4:30pm, 1645 Ferry Ave, Camden

3/2/2020: Video discusses CCMUA Digester and Combined Heat and Power Project

2/10/2020: At CCMUA’s invitation, Trust for Public Land initiates park and green infrastructure planning tool


10/3/2019: Camden SMART Wins US Water Alliance’s US Water Prize

9/16/2019: Camden Water Equity Task Force releases Camden Water Equity Road Map

8/21/2019: CCMUA Recognized as Utility of the Future Today for Transformational Initiatives

7/19/2019: Partnership for the Delaware Estuary’s Teachers’ Workshop visits CCMUA

7/12/2019: Camden PowerCorps Recruits Youth to Green the City

7/11/2019: Andy Kricun blogs “It’s Time to Transform the Water Workforce for the 21st Century”

7/8/2019: As weather gets wetter, what can towns do to cut down on flooding from stormwater? (Phila. Inquirer)

6/24/2019: CCMUA Executive Director Andy Kricun speaks on “How Utilities Are Addressing Water Equity” in June 21 webinar

6/3/2019: Public hearing on July 3, 2019 to describe a proposed project to undertake an environmental dredging of portions of Newton Creek, and to solicit public comment on the proposed project.

5/10/2019: Freeholders Open Cramer Hill Nature Preserve

5/10/2019: Cramer Hill Nature Preserve Opens in East Camden

5/6/2019: Webinar with Andy Kricun–Green Infrastructure: A Triple Bottom Line Approach to Environmental Justice on May 15

5/6/2019: Dump site in Camden turned into a nature preserve (KYW radio)

5/6/2019: Nature preserve meant to be ‘an urban oasis’ opens in Camden’s Cramer Hill section (Courier-Post)

5/6/2019: You deserve green space, too. Illegal dumping spot in city transformed into nature preserve (

5/6/2019: Cramer Hill Nature Preserve opens in Camden (NJ Conservation Foundation)

5/6/2019: Overgrown Site in East Camden Becomes Expansive Nature Preserve

4/4/2019: CCMUA Receives 2019 Wave Award from NJ Association of Environmental Authorities for Public Education Efforts

4/4/2019: Andy Kricun discusses the value of energy self-sufficiency and why the utility is ready to go ‘off-grid’ (March issue of Global Water Intelligence–limited free content access available on site)

4/3/2019: New report from the Jersey Water Works CSO Committee: “Hidden Capacity: How Proper Maintenance and Cleaning of Sewer Systems can have Huge Benefits!”

3/12/2019: From Oasis Motel to Urban Oasis, Camden-Pennsauken Gateway Park Opens on Adm. Wilson Blvd.

3/11/2019: After Nearly 20 Years, Gateway Park Opens to the Public

3/11/2019: Gateway Park Grand Opening

3/11/2019: Gateway Park opens to the public after 2 decades

3/11/2019: Long-awaited Gateway Park opens in Camden and Pennsauken

3/7/2019: Andy Kricun’s Testimony at Congressional Hearing

3/7/2019: CCMUA Executive Director Andy Kricun Testifies at Congressional Hearing on Water Infrastructure Investment

3/6/2019: Twenty years in the making, park to open along Admiral Wilson Boulevard


County Project To Improve Water Quality At Newton Lake (8/27/2018)

NJ Infrastructure Bank Project of the Week Announced: Camden County MUA Green Infrastructure, Sewer Reconstruction & Phase II of Phoenix Park (8/14/2018)

$25M Newton Creek Dredge to Begin in October (8/13/2018)

Upcoming Newton Lake Dredging Project Discussed (8/11/2018)

Phoenix Park highlighted in NJ Future report on green infrastructure financed by NJ Water Bank (7/30/2018)

National water workforce need emphasized by CCMUA Executive Director Andy Kricun in The Hill opinion article (7/9/2018)

CCMUA/Camden SMART mentioned in WEF Stormwater Report News (see pp. 6-7) (7/5/2018)

Brookings Institution blog cites CCMUA’s Green Ambassadors program for introducing young people to environmental career opportunities (6/29/2018)

CCMUA Executive Director Andy Kricun on Brookings Institution panel discusses infrastructure job opportunities in water industry (6/21/2018)

National report by Brookings Institution on water sector workforce development uses CCMUA as case study (6/14/2018)

2018 Camden Environmental Summit focuses on parks, flooding (6/6/2018)

CCMUA Executive Director Andy Kricun discusses triple bottom line approach to reduce combined sewage flooding and provide community benefit in Camden City (6/6/2018)

Camden officials tout environmental gains, goals (Courier Post) (6/6/2018)

Mayors Innovation Project hears CCMUA Executive Director Andy Kricun speak on “Providing Affordable Service and Community Service Leadership” (5/31/2018)

Camden’s Free Rain Barrel Program Will Help You Conserve Water (5/17/2018)

Camden SMART Initiative to hold free rain barrel workshop (5/16/2018)

Brookings Institution recognizes CCMUA’s lead role in Camden Collaborative Initiative to strengthen the city’s infrastructure and economy (5/14/2018)

CCMUA Executive Director Andy Kricun named Government Engineer of the Year by NJ Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers (5/14/2018)

US Water Alliance designates CCMUA to lead Camden Taskforce (one of only six in the nation for this initial year) to develop and promote equitable water management (5/11/2018)

National study on affordability of utility rates highlights CCMUA (4/25/2018)

Camden Finds Strength in Its Partners (4/2/2018)

Park Projects Connect Camden to Delaware River (3/23/2018)

Camden SMART Initiative Revitalizes, Extends City’s Open Spaces (3/19/2018)

US EPA report highlights CCMUA in A Wet Weather Case Study of Incorporating Community Interests into Effective Infrastructure Decision-Making (3/2/2018)

CCMUA projects highlighted in “New Report Analyzes the Financial Benefits of Investing in Water Infrastructure” (New Jersey Municipalities) (2/21/2018)

Study shows that optimal maintenance of Camden City’s sewer system would reduce 90% of community and street flooding (1/10/2018)


Access Opened Up to Riverfront and Parks (12/29/2017)

Phoenix Park ‘Rises from the Ashes,’ Opens in Camden (12/12/2017)

In the shadow of a Camden waste treatment plant, a park opens (12/12/2017)

Final phase of Phoenix Park in Camden opens (12/12/2017)

CCMUA addresses Camden City sewer overflow problem (12/11/2017)

Freeholders Approve Newton Creek Water Quality Project (12/11/2017)

Newton Lake dredging project will be biggest ever for Camden County parks (12/8/2017)

CCMUA mentioned in NAPA report on Community Affordability of Clean Water Services (11/15/2017)

Article on Green Infrastructure Investment Analysis for Camden (Urban Planning) (10/12/2017)

Camden County MUA Moves To Be Energy Independent by 2019 (10/3/2017)

CCMUA Becomes First Authority in State to be Energy Independent ( (10/3/2017)

Camden County Utilities Authority Goes Off-Grid with $40M Sustainability Loop (NJ Pen) (10/3/2017)

Camden County Takes Steps to Get Off the Grid (SNJ Today) (10/3/2017)

Camden Sewage Treatment Plant To Go Off Power Grid By 2019 ( (10/3/2017)

Camden County MUA says energy independent in 2019 (Courier Post) (10/3/2017)

Wastewater for electricity: South Jersey utility in swap deal with trash-to-energy plant ( (10/3/2017)

CCMUA keeping rates stable and building the local workforce (in new EPA Report “Water Infrastructure Financial Leadership: Successful Financial Tools for Local Decision Makers,” p. 32) (10/2/2017)

US Water Alliance spotlights CCMUA commitment to local revitalization through partnerships (9/30/2017)

CCMUA Executive Director Andy Kricun stresses critical need for independent power source in planning for microgrid (9/12/2017)

State announces study of microgrid to connect CCMUA with other facilities for energy resiliency (9/8/2017)

NOAA announces grant to CCMUA to remove marine debris from shoreline along CCMUA plant and Phoenix Park (8/30/2017)

Clean water industry group releases report on environmental justice and community service featuring CCMUA efforts (7/24/2017)

US Senate Hears Testimony from CCMUA Executive Director Andy Kricun on need to fund improvements to nation’s aging water infrastructure (7/24/2017)

Board of Public Utilities funds CCMUA community microgrid feasibility study

CCMUA Executive Director Andy Kricun to receive 2017 Leadership in GSI (Green Stormwater Infrastructure) award from Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia (4/19/2017; updated 1/23/2018)

Water Utility of the Future Today compendium highlights CCMUA achievements (4/19/2017)

Water Resources Association of the Delaware River Basin awards 2017 Achievement Award to Camden SMART Initiative (4/19/2017)

NJ Department of Environmental Protection recognizes CCMUA for Environmental Stewardship (2/7/2017)

CCMUA and Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program collaborate on Camden green infrastructure projects (2/7/2017)

CCMUA’s Phoenix Park Phase 1 project featured in Delaware Valley Green Building Council Green Stormwater Infrastructure precedent library (, 1/8/2017)

Camden SMART Stormwater Management Projects featured in New Jersey League of Municipalities conference session (1/8/2017) 

CCMUA implementation of CSO Long Term Control Plan is listed among top commitments in statewide water infrastructure effort (, 1/8/2017)