Executive Staff

Scott Schreiber, Executive Director
phone: (856)583-1261            email: sschreiber@ccmua.org

Kim Michelini, Director of Administrative Operations/Authority Secretary
phone: (856)583-1282             email: kim@ccmua.org

Wayne Planamento, Chief Financial Officer
phone: (856)583-1266             email: wayne@ccmua.org

Len Gipson, Director of Operations and Maintenance, Wastewater Treatment Division
phone: (856)583-2372             email: lgipson@ccmua.org

Oleg Zonis, Deputy Executive Director and Director of Engineering and Process Systems
phone: (856)583-1222             email: ozonis@ccmua.org

Stephanie Madden, General Counsel
phone: (856)583-1220             email: smadden@ccmua.org


Brown and Connery, Authority Solicitor

Paulus, Sokolowski and Sartor, Engineer of Record

Mailing Address:

The Camden County MUA
1645 Ferry Avenue
Camden, NJ  08104