Green Infrastructure

Camden SMART Initiative

The objective of the Camden SMART Initiative is to develop a comprehensive network of green infrastructure programs and projects for the City of Camden. The initiative includes neighborhood green and grey infrastructure projects, stormwater management policy development, and green infrastructure training programs.


To manage stormwater that would otherwise flow into the sewer system and stress the capacity of the CCMUA’s wastewater treatment plant, the authority owns and manages several large open spaces–parks and a nature preserve–that also contribute to community recreation, health, and well-being.

Rain Barrel Program

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and William Penn Foundation have funded a program to provide installed rain barrels to Camden City residents to reduce the inflow from rain events that would otherwise flow into the city’s sewer systems and require handling at the CCMUA plant. This project concluded in June 2019.

Rain Gardens and Other Green Infrastructure Installations

An important component of the Camden SMART initiative involves installing green stormwater management measures throughout Camden City to reduce flow into the city’s combined sanitary and storm sewer system. The program is creating an extensive inventory of green infrastructure measures.

Shelterbelt Tree Planting

The deciduous and evergreen trees planted beyond the perimeter of CCMUA’s wastewater treatment plant absorb odors and stormwater, improve air quality, provide shade, beautify Liney Ditch Park, and provide wildlife habitat.