Connection Information:

Sewer connection permits from the CCMUA must be obtained in advance of making physical sewer connections in order to legally receive sewer service in Camden County, New Jersey.

A sewer connection fee is due to CCMUA when any new physical connection to a municipal sewer is going to be made. Customers already being serviced by CCMUA may also be responsible for paying a connection fee in the event of a proposed change in the use, operation, or structure of an existing connection. Contact CCMUA for a determination in these circumstances.

Sewer Connection Fees:

The connection fee per EDU (Equivalent Dwelling Unit) is set annually by the CCMUA Commissioners at a public board meeting. The connection fee as of April 16, 2019 is $6,205 per EDU.

A single-family household represents one EDU. For commercial users, the fees for connections are based on the Schedule of EDUs (noted below) which shall be used for determining the EDUs and calculating the sewer connection fee. The calculation of EDUs is based on generally accepted standards and standard flows per day. The fee for commercial connections is then computed as $6,205 times the number of EDUs.

If you wish to connect to the public sewer system, please contact:

856-541-3700 ext. 1283.

Connection Rules and Regulations
Application Instructions
EDU Rate Schedule

Sewer Extension Information:

In general a project construction of more than one structure will require a Camden County M.U.A. endorsement for a sewer extension. For more information on a New Jersey Treatment Works Application please visit the NJDEP Website.
Once your project has received the Township’s or Borough’s endorsement, you may send an application to the Authority for its review.

Please review the following documentation before submittal:
Sewer Extension Instructions