Cramer Hill Nature Preserve

The former site of a Camden City wastewater treatment plant, this property lay largely untouched for decades, and its reclamation by nature inspired the CCMUA to designate it as a protected natural area. The Cramer Hill Nature Preserve, at the northern corner of Camden City in the Cramer Hill community will remain an undeveloped haven for wildlife and vegetation. A visitor following the walking trail along its edge will approach the Delaware River Back Channel separating the mainland from Petty’s Island, a planned state preserve currently being cleared of contamination from years of industrial operations, and with a rich history going back to pre-colonial times.


The nature preserve is located at the northern corner of Camden City in the Cramer Hill community, at the Back Channel of the Delaware River. It is directly opposite Petty’s Island, and the access road to the island (36th Street) runs along the preserve’s eastern edge. (Access to Petty’s Island is restricted until it opens as a state preserve in coming years.)

The main public entrance is on Farragut Avenue, near 36th Street.


Dawn to dusk


Parking (minimal)


  • (None scheduled at this time. Contact Michael Hogan of the South Jersey Land and Water Trust at or 609-476-2086 if you have any questions.)


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