Request For Proposals #2021-20 for Energy Consulting Services


Notice is hereby given that the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority of Camden, New Jersey is requesting proposals for RFP #2021-20 for Energy Consulting Services.  Copies of the Request of Proposal are available from the CCMUA, Contact Kathy Savidge, or by phone 856-583-1205 during regular business hours or vendors can register to download all documents from the Camden County website:

Proposals must be submitted to the CCMUA’s Purchasing Department, 1645 Ferry Avenue, Camden, N.J. 08104.  Proposals are due no later than 11:30AM on December 7, 2021 where they will be opened publicly via Zoom.   The link to join the meeting remotely by video is:  You may also join by phone by calling: 1-929-205-6099 and entering Meeting ID: 857 9970 7998 and Passcode: 652925.

Any proposals received after said date/time, whether by mail or otherwise, will be returned unopened.  No proposals will be accepted after the above referenced date.   Proposals must be submitted in sealed envelopes with the name of the RFP clearly marked on the outside of the envelope.  Proposals may not be e-mailed, faxed or transmitted over the telephone.

It is recommended that each proposal be hand delivered to the CCMUA, 1645 Ferry Avenue, Camden, NJ.  The CCMUA assumes no responsibility for delays in any form of carrier, mail or delivery service causing the proposal to be received at the CCMUAlater than the above referenced scheduled opening.

Nothing herein is intended to exclude any responsible firm or in any way restrain or restrict competition.  All responsible firms are encouraged to submit proposals. 

The CCMUA Board of Commissioners reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted in the best interest of the CCMUA and the Board further reserves the right to waive any defect or informality in any proposal should it be in the best interest of the CCMUA. 

Proposers are required to comply with the requirements of P.L. 1975, c. 127 (N.J.A.C. 17:27) and N.J.S.A. 10:5-31.

All proposers and their subcontractors competing for CCMUA contracts must provide a copy of their Business Registration Certificate at the time the proposal is submitted or should be registered prior to the proposal due date.

The proposal is being solicited through the “Fair and Open Process” provided by N.J.S.A. 1944a-20.4 et seq.

Proposers are required to comply with the requirements of P.L. 1999, c. 238 (J.J.S.A.34:11-56.48 to 57), where applicable.

This Request For Proposals does not constitute a bid and is intended solely to obtain competitive proposals from which the CCMUA may choose contractor(s) that best meet(s) its needs.  It is the intent of the CCMUA that no statutory, regulatory, or common law bidding requirement apply to this Request For Proposals.  The CCMUA intends to award any contract(s) for these services pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:11-5(1)(a)(i). 

Kathy Savidge

Assistant Purchasing Agent

November 3, 2021


RFP #2021-20:

RFP #2021-20 for Energy Consulting Services

The attention of all bidders is to be directed to the following Clarification to the Proposal documents

for the above referenced RFP.

The following Questions (13) have been posed during the RFP process before the CCMUA and the Response is provided immediately following the question:

Q1:      Is it acceptable for a proposer to bid on some of the services listed in “Section A: Scope of Services”, but not all?  If a bidder doesn’t provide the service listed, is it acceptable for them to propose alternative tasks to achieve the same/similar goal?

A1:       Any response that focuses on energy consulting services will be reviewed by the Authority.

Q2:      In relation to items 1 & 2 in “Section A: Scope of Services”, does the MUA already have the meters installed that are required for this work or are they intended to be installed as part of this scope?

A2:       The meters are in the process of being installed.

Q3:      Who is the incumbent consultant, and how long have they been retained by Camden County?

A3:       The incumbent is Utility Advantage and they have been retained for approximately 1 year.

Q4:      Would Camden County consider an alternative fee structure:

A4:       Any response that focuses on energy consulting services will be reviewed by the Authority.

Q5:      Is it required for the respondent to have offices in NJ?

A5:       No

Q6:      Is it required for the respondent to offer a web portal, or will Camden provide access to Energy Intelligence Suite?

A6:       Any response that focuses on energy consulting services will be reviewed by the Authority.

Q7:      Is it required for the respondent to be a Demand Response provider?

A7:       Any response that focuses on energy consulting services will be reviewed by the Authority.

Q8:      Has the Authority used an Energy Consultant in the past? If so, who?

A8:       Please see above question and answer #3.

Q9:      What is the expected annual consumption for both electricity and natural gas?

A9:       Approximately 2,000,000 therms & 12,000,000 kWh

Q10:    Does the Authority have a preference in terms of fee structure?  *Direct Consulting fee to awarded Vendor or *Embedded Fee into supply contract

A10:     The Authority has no preference

Q11:    Can you please provide details on current electricity/natural gas supply contracts?

A11:     The CCMUA purchases natural gas through a cooperative and electricity from PSEG

Q12:    What are the Authority’s sustainability / renewable energy goals?

A12:     To utilize its onsite generation sources to the maximal extent possible and to continue to investigate projects that will allow it to use 100% renewable energy.

Q13:    What details can you provide on the Authority’s participation in demand response programs currently or in the past?

A13:     The CCMUA deems the answer to the question non-applicable to the procurement.

Kathy Savidge,

CCMUA Asst. Purchasing Agent

November 18, 2021